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Essay topic about modern means of communication

means of communication

What does the term modern means of communication mean?

If someone says what are modern technologies, or what does the term modern means of communication mean? the answer is that the term modern means of communication means what modern technology has reached in terms of ways that help people communicate with each other in the easiest possible ways, and includes written, audio and visual communications, including  E-mail, which has been at the forefront of modern means of communication for a long time before inventors reached the feature of "video" communication, by adding a specific feature to the e-mail conversation, and then this feature became available through some modern communication programs.

One may find that some modern means specialize in one type of communication, and these often do not succeed; There were some programs that specialized only in voice communications, including those related to written communications, but the successful programs of modern communications are those that include all types of communications prevalent in that era, and today there are many of these programs that compete with each other by adding unique advantages They do not exist except in that program and nothing else, as well as competition between them through ease of access and availability in the hands of people in the easiest way.

How did means of communication develop between past and present?

If we make a comparison between modern and ancient means of communication, we will see a vast difference between them In the past, communication was done by writing a message and sending it through a messenger or by sending it by means of a trained carrier pigeon so that it could perform this task without any errors; As if he took the message to a place other than the intended destination, and the message carried the sender longings and something of his perfume, love and affection Rather, the beloved might send some of her poetry in the message to her lover and include some of the poems of love, love and infatuation to increase the fire of longing for her lover.

matter continued until the appearance of the postman we know, who carries his leather bag and circles the mailboxes in front of homes and institutions, placing the message that family and loved ones had sent some months ago. The truth is that the courier - as it is said - is very old; The kings and priests of ancient civilizations had people who delivered messages and called them “runners.” This “runner” would deliver the message running until another runner would receive him waiting for him at a certain point, and the runner would deliver it to another runner, and so on until the message reached the desired place.

But with the advent of the Umayyad state this matter developed, and the post became close to the form we know today, and the postman delivered messages on purebred Arabian horses The people of this state exchange messages with each other, and this development of the post began during the era of Muawiyah bin Abi Sufyan - may God be pleased with him - and then Abd al-Malik bin Marwan completed this journey and crowned it with the enactment of laws regulating the work of the post, then those who came after him completed what had begun They made improvements and improvements to this system, and it continues to evolve until it reaches what we know today.

But later, the message sent through the mail became delayed for a period of up to a month or several months to reach the addressee, so one of the European inventors thought to transmit speech, using electricity to remote places that the courier takes a long time to reach, so he invented the telegraph, which is a loudspeaker It converts symbols into letters that it sends through electrical wires to another telegraph device in the place the message is required to reach, and then a scientist invented a mechanism for transmitting sound with a principle close to the principle in which the telegraph works, so the scientist Antonio Meucci came to invent the telephone that was attributed  Later to Graham Bell.

After the invention of the telephone communicating with distant acquaintances family and loved ones became easy Hearing the voice of loved ones does not require a person except to press some buttons on the telephone device to transmit it over the air to the country of the beloved relative or friend, so that he talks with him for long hours without fatigue or boredom In the beginning, the phone was a large device that was placed in its stations in cities and villages, then it became a device in homes with a wire to connect to, and then there was the wireless mobile phone which was a distinguishing mark in the homes of the rich, hence the idea of ​​the cellular phone, which revolutionized the  World of communications.

Between the fixed phone in homes and the cell phone, there was the e-mail that appeared in the last quarter of the twentieth century. Written messages, pictures and video clips became “video” within several seconds from the farthest countries of the earth, and then came the cell phone, which scientists and programmers had introduced  Advantages that made him a small world that man carries in his pocket, so he connects him to those who live in the North Pole, even if he is in Australia.

Then later came the modern means of communication, and it usually means Facebook, Twitter and YouTube sites, in addition to some communication programs such as the WhatsApp program, and these programs depend heavily on the mobile phone, which includes them all in an area that does not exceed the size of the palm, so the person communicates with others through sound and image In a small device, and recently some companies are trying to reach 3D communication; It means that a person sees in front of him the person he wants to communicate with through a stereoscopic light that shows him in front of him in all its details It was believed that the world has become a small village thanks to modern means of communication.

Modern means of communication between the negatives and the positives

If we want to look at modern means of communication and its dangers, or let say to look at the benefits of modern means of communication, we must look at the matter from two sides: We look at the benefits and positives that modern means of communication have brought I have brought the far away; The distances became folded and there was no longer a distance, so mothers saw their children who were far from them, and the children saw their parents, no matter how far the distances between them were, so that the person, as soon as he used these means, did not feel alienated wherever he was.

But if we look at it from the negative side modern means of communication have played a major role in the dispersal of family relationships and the severing of many relationships They communicate together within the same house The impact of technology on family relationships is a double-edged sword It affects close relationships, but it is good for long-distance relationships One should pay attention to the dangers of these means.

A final point to be aware of is the pros and cons of verbal communication. Verbal communication is also a double-edged sword if a person does not make good use of it as it should By verbal communication we mean sending messages orally through some modern technologies Today the world is going through an era of speed, as they say, so it must be Long messages are sometimes not useful for someone who does not like to hear long messages, or who does not have the time to hear that, but it is useful if a person invests the advantage of shorthand and brevity in speech.

importance of communication in our life

importance of technology in communication today between people is great and cannot be overlooked The means of communication have become an inseparable part of the daily reality of people For example, e-mail has become relied upon by institutions of all kinds, and in some countries, trials and judicial pleadings are conducted through visual means of communication.

Also, the role of the means of communication in education should not be overlooked As most universities allow their students to study remotely, and to take exams remotely as well, and today, in this pandemic that is ravaging people, even primary schools allow their students to communicate remotely due to safety and public protection measures She should and no more, and at the same time it is a curse for the one who drowned himself in it, went with her in her requirements and gave her more than he should.