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How did Pharaoh die


Pharaoh is one of the most famous tyrants of time and humanity at all, and he is closely associated with the Prophet of God Almighty and His Messenger Moses, who is considered one of the greatest and most famous messengers of God Almighty at all  Wisdom and good advice have robbed the hearts of the followers of the heavenly religions Pharaoh and Moses became synonymous Moses is like the approach of truth, goodness and justice, and Pharaoh is like the approach of evil and tyranny God Almighty, Moses, and how he hated him The main lines of this great story are shared by all religions, although there are some differences in details between one narration and another.


Prophet Moses, peace be upon him, goes back to Abraham in his lineage, as he is one of the Children of Israel who entered Egypt after the Prophet Yusuf bin Ishaq came to it As he came to them from the blessed land of Palestine, and the Book of God Almighty mentioned the story of Prophet Yusuf - peace be upon him - in an entire surah that he named after his name And the conditions of the Children of Israel began to get worse day after day and year after year, until the Egyptians enslaved and humiliated them Here, a divine solution was necessary to rid them of their humiliation and humiliation.

Pharaoh death story

pharaoh ordered the killing of all male newborns until he got rid of them completely Under these circumstances, the Prophet of God Almighty and His Messenger, the owner of the law, Moses - peace be upon him - was born, as his mother feared for him that he would meet the same fate as the newly born children of Israel, so God Almighty cast in her heart to place him in A basket of straw and throwing it into the sea, and this is what happened After Moses mother wrapped her son in the sea and by the command of God Almighty, the infant went to Pharaoh palace, and by the power of God Almighty the lady of the palace picked him up Asia the wife of Pharaoh, the enemy of Moses and the enemy of his brother Aaron in the future. 

He has no limits and brought him to her palace and the palace of her tyrant husband Hence this noble Prophet was raised in the palace of his archenemy Pharaoh, and thus God Almighty decreed and commanded and by the grace of God Almighty, Moses refused the infant to be breastfed by all the breastfeeding mothers whom Asia brought to Moses, until his real mother came and before he was breastfed from her, and thus God Almighty returned Moses to her He saved him from the oppression of Pharaoh and even made him grow up in his house and palace and under his eyes This child that Pharaoh raises today will become the great leader who will eliminate Pharaoh and those who followed him from the arrogant tyrants, and God Almighty will make him with his wisdom and ability a sign for the worlds.

And after Moses - peace be upon him - grew up and after many events happened to him and after he left Egypt for a long time and during his return to it, God Almighty revealed to Moses and carried him the trust of the message and supported him with his brother Aaron, so the brothers Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh to invite him to believe in God Almighty But he refused that, so Moses showed him the miracles which are the sticks that God Almighty turns into a snake, and the hand that He attaches to his wing, so that it turns into white without afflicting it with disease.

Denial of Pharaoh Before the last confrontation, God Almighty imposed on Pharaoh and his people many consecutive and successive punishments and blows, but Pharaoh continued his stubbornness and arrogance, until the end came that God Almighty commanded Moses to expel his people from the land of Egypt so Pharaoh followed him with his soldiers, and when Moses and his people reached The sea, God Almighty commanded Moses to strike the sea, and it was divided into two great parts so the children of Israel walked in it until they came out from the other side, and when Pharaoh and his army followed them from the same road, God Almighty closed the sea on them, so they all died by drowning, and when Pharaoh was in the moments of death, he started screaming that he believed in the Lord of Moses, but God Almighty did not accept his entry into the true religion because he was in the moments of death, and God Almighty saved Pharaoh with his body and kept him so that he would be an example and a sign for everyone who will come later.

Who is the Pharaoh Moses

There are many sayings that say that Ramses II is the same as the Pharaoh of Moses, and he relied in this saying on the Old Testament and the news that came in it about Moses - peace be upon him - as, by reference to the times that brought him and mentioned him, many thought that Ramses II  He is the same Pharaoh of the Prophet Moses, and they relied in their views on the fact that the year in which Ramses II was installed on the throne is 1279 BC As for Egyptologists, they questioned the validity of this hypothesis, which says that the Pharaoh of Moses is the same Ramses II based on  Examinations they conducted on the mummy of Pharaoh Moses, as after analyzing and studying it, there was no evidence that Ramses II had died by drowning.  

Whereas Maurice Bucaille, the author of the Torah, the Bible, the Quran and Modern Science, went to the fact that Merneptah, the son of Ramses II is the Pharaoh of Moses, as he took the narration of the Bible and the Torah, which says that there were two pharaohs who were in the time of Moses the first, Ramses who raised him and the second is Merneptah, who is called Pharaoh  Exodus and inferred by many Egyptian historical monuments and there are many other hypotheses that have been developed to determine the character of Pharaoh Moses, but there are very many opinions and the subject is complex.

It is remarkable that the ancient Egyptian antiquities have been very secretive on this subject, although it is true and it has actually happened and by the unanimity of all the heavenly books, even if they differ in the details as we said, and many interpretations have been developed to explain this matter, including that the ancient Egyptian pharaohs were looking at  To this matter as a mere escape for a group of their slaves only, they did not care about them in addition to the fact that these events were written on the monuments from the point of view of the pharaoh who lived through the events. 

In any case, they are very logical possibilities, but the issue has not been finalized and it is subject to research, and it is a subject for discussion to this day.  However, the lesson is taken regardless of the original identity of the Pharaoh. The story of Pharaoh with Moses is the story of tyranny, injustice and tyranny that humanity can benefit from in every time and place.  An icon over time for those who stand in the face of tyrants and those who stop them at their borders with all patience and courage.