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The importance and study of history


History is one of the important sciences, if not the most important and history must be read and understood to employ the past and present and benefit from it in building a prosperous future It is of great value and contributes to solving the problems of the present time Because history is a repository of human experiences and the experiences they bear the science of history is included in all sciences, because it has transmitted all sciences since ancient times and his thinking.

The importance and study of history

The importance of history and its study comes from the fact that it is one of the most important foundations on which societies depend in their development and backwardness and history has a close relationship with all sciences, and when studying different sciences and their history, this is like a study of history.

The science of history gives man an accurate and clear conception of the conditions and experiences of the ancient world, and this is a key to avoiding the mistakes made by the ancients, and the science of history works to preserve the history and heritage of nations In general, and knowledge of the methods that contributed to the progress of the human mind, as well as progress in various sciences and theories. 

The ideas of previous nations differ from the present, as they are constantly evolving, and history contributes to the renaissance upon which nations and civilizations are based and the realization and avoidance of the factors that have perished through them The disappearance is ideological reasons for a particular institution in a civilization, and after a period of time, differences may have occurred in this institution from rebellion or human greed for the love of control. These differences and conflicts contributed to the end of most civilizations and replaced others.

History also helps in knowing the events and the date of their occurrence, and the accompanying changes in the events and their course, and the science of history helps in knowing the conditions of previous nations and civilizations, whether in strength or weakness activity or stagnation as well as ignorance, knowledge and other characteristics of the forerunners and history works to know contemporaries There are people with each other that contribute to defining events, knowing what is right and wrong, and limiting confusion about it.

The study of history in Islam has great importance and many benefits the most important of which is that it works to stabilize the hearts of the believers, and the way to know the paths of the righteous and follow them Even after a while.

Historical research method

Of the importance of history and its study, is knowledge of the historical research method, which is the path through which the researcher walks in the stages of research until reaching the historical truth to the nearest degree to be presented to specialists and readers in general, and reaching the historical truth is not intended to reach the absolute truth, because this matter has great difficulty 

Because of the obliteration of antiquities and the loss of evidence with the passage of time, no one possesses the absolute truth, and a person cannot know the truth of himself in absolute terms The historian reaches the truth in a relative way, not in an absolute manner.

The stages through which the researcher proceeds by providing himself with the necessary culture and knowledge are summarized then he chooses the subject of the research then he collects the necessary assets and sources and proves their validity and that the author personality is identified and the time and place of codification, and that the researcher investigates the texts of the assets and knows the relationship between them, 

and to criticize them Positively and negatively, and to work to establish the historical facts, and work to organize synthesize and arrange them in a correct order and to strive in them and justify them and work to establish the historical formula and finally presents them as a reasonable and acceptable historical presentation.