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Pharaoh drowned

Pharaoh drowned

After his victory over the magicians, Moses, peace be upon him, used Pharaoh supplication to believe in God Almighty and set the Children of Israel free, but he refused and found that his honor lies in the power and abundance of money, and mocked Moses and demanded that he have a gold bracelet or be accompanied by the angels


 And God Almighty said, describing Pharaoh

And a pharaoh club in his people said, O people, I do not have the king of Egypt. His people obeyed him because they were an immoral people (54) - Surah Az-Zukhruf

And after it was impossible to guide Pharaoh, Moses marched his people at the beginning of the night from Egypt to the Holy Land, and God inspired his prophet to strike the sea with his staff, so the sea split into twelve teams into twelve tribes (i.e. a group of Jews) for each tribe of them a path, and the land of the sea dried up under the influence of the sun. And the winds, and the people walked safely to the land of safety and peace

 He followed the Children of Israel, and he caught them with his soldiers on the coast of the Red Sea, so Pharaoh followed them and with him and with him and with him, the Children of Israel, they crossed the sea, it was, at that time, the sea closed to Pharaoh and his soldiers, and the sea drowned them

 When he realized the drowning Pharaoh, he decided to believe in the Lord of Moses, saying: I believed in what the Children of Israel believed in and I am a Muslim, but God did not accept the faith of that tyrant because he decided to believe only in times of distress and fear of death, and God Almighty saved the body of Pharaoh So that it will be a sign for those behind it and an example for people.


 This was described in the following verses from Surat Yunus

 We gave birth to the Sea of Israel, followed by Pharaoh and his soldiers in Bagaya and promised even if he drowned him, he said, adding that there is no god but the son of Israel and I am Muslim (90) 

Now, you have disobeyed before and were of the mischief-makers (91)  

So today we will save you with your body so that you may be a sign for those who come after you, and many people are unaware of Our signs (92).