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  story of the magic ring

 Sawsan the spoiled girl

there was a beautiful girl named Sawsan. That why the pampering was for her alone She received unparalleled love, care, and attention from her father and mother, and despite all the pampering she was getting, she always felt inferior.

And that there is something that is not available to her Especially since Sawsan grew up and did not marry and no one came to propose to her. She used to go to her room and dream of a beautiful little house and small children around her, like all other girls of her age.


 When was Susan told about the magic ring?

One day, Sawsan's mother died, and she grieved greatly, and the house turned into a bleak, sad place. Shortly after the death of his wife, Sawsan's father fell seriously ill, and he was on the verge of death, so he remembered that there was something he did not tell his daughter, so he called her and told her that there was a magic ring present With Solomon friend.

He asked his daughter to go to his friend and ask him for the ring after he felt that his death was near, so Sawsan grieved greatly, and told her father that she did not want the ring, but rather wanted him by her side, but the father died after that and handed over the soul to her benefactor.

He left to his daughter the task of searching for the ring, and after months of grief, Sawsan decided to start the journey to find the ring, so she searched a lot for Suleiman, her father's friend, but she never found him.


 Susan is out for a walk

One day, Sawsan went out for a walk near her house, and there she met a handsome young man, and they talked together, and told him the story of the magic ring.

He told her that he had the ring, but that he would not give it to her, unless she brought a manuscript paper with gold water. Susan was surprised by his request, and told him that she did not know anything about this manuscript, nor where it was hidden.


What did Suleiman tell Sawsan?

Suleiman told Sawsan that the manuscript is hidden in one of three boxes located in her father's house, and he told her that the boxes contain one of them a scorpion, the other a snake, and the last box contains the manuscript, and that she must use her intelligence to choose the right box, so as not to endanger herself.

 Sawsan went home, and began searching in the boxes, and when she found her, she put her ear to the first box and found a sound in it, and the second box as well, but she did not hear any sound in the third box, so she knew that the manuscript was inside.

 And she opened it and took it with her, and she took her to Solomon, so he gave her the magic ring, and asked her to wear it on her finger, wipe it and ask for what she wanted, and this is what actually happened, as she asked to propose to her a kind, affectionate, handsome man who has a beautiful house, and all her wishes were fulfilled. And she lived a happy and carefree life, and the magic ring remained on her finger as a beautiful memory from her father.

In conclusion, the story of the magic ring is one of the most beautiful short stories, to teach them that every bitterness will pass, no matter how long it takes, and there must be something beautiful behind every difficult, as the story of Sawsan’s life embodied a living example for every person who feels sad about the loss of a loved one or for any reason of difficult life that in the end something beautiful waiting for him.