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Dhul Qarnayn

What is the story of Dhul Qarnayn?

One of the greatest stories mentioned in the Holy Qur’an is the story of Dhul-Qarnayn in Surat Al-Kahf, whose story begins from verse (83 to 98), and this person’s name is Dhul-Qarnayn, who was known to be a just king.

And he is the one who built the dam on Gog and Magog to repel the harm that was coming from them, and it was called by this name not because of the presence of two horns or the like.

And it was said: because he was the king of the Romans and Persia, and it was said: because he entered the light and the darkness, and it was said: because he saw in a dream as if he took the two horns of the sun. The Egyptian, whose identity is not specifically known - and God knows best .

His story in Surat Al-Kahf

 He says in his dear book: (and they ask you about Dhu al-Qarnain, say, I will recite a mention to you from him* we have enabled him in the Earth and we have given him a reason for everything * so follow a reason * even if the sun goes down and he finds it setting in a feverish eye and then there are people who said that the two centuries either you will be tortured or you will take good in them * he said, but whoever is unjust, we will torture him and then he will return to his Lord and torment him with a deniable punishment).


 As for the one who believes and does good deeds, he has the reward of the best, and we will tell him whom we have made easy* then follow a reason * even if it reaches the dawn of the sun and he finds it looking at people for whom we have not made a veil without it* also, and he has informed us of what he has news* then follow a reason * even if he reaches between the two dams and finds people without them who hardly understand a word * they said, these two centuries, if GOG and Magog are corrupters in the earth, can we make a way for you to make a dam between us and them).


 (He said that what my Lord has enabled me to do is better, so help me with strength to make a bridge between you and them* give me an iron rod even if it equals between the two shells, he said blow even if it makes him fire, he said to me empty a drop on him* so what they could show him and what they could find for him* he said This Is Mercy from my Lord, and if the promise of my lord comes, make him cry, and it was the promise of my lord really).


It is clear from the noble verses that there are a number of stories for the past two centuries, among which we mention: 


 His story with a nation in the sunset

It is one of the great nations of the Earth, and Allah has enabled him in them, ruled over them, and won over them, and he has the choice between killing and killing, or giving and redeeming, so he chose to call for good first, but the one who does not respond will be doomed to death, and this indicates that the two centuries was a king, just, righteous, believing in Resurrection, reckoning and retribution, and that he knows that the case with Allah in the end is torment or bliss.

His story with the people at the dawn of the sun

They have no civilization, they do not know houses, they do not make clothes, and Allah has informed him about them so that he knows that it is no secret to the Almighty that he knows about creation and their conditions, the people who are there, the nations, and all kinds of human beings.

His story with the people of Gog and Magog

After the end of the two centuries of the people of the East, he continued his way until he reached people living between two mountains or two dams with a gap between them, and they spoke in a strange incomprehensible language, and when he reached them, they found him a ruler whom God had given strength; they asked him for help to make a dam between them and GOG and Magog in exchange for a sum of money.

He collected the iron and put it in the hole until it was equal to the top of the two mountains, kindled a fire on it, and then poured molten copper on it so that it would become more solid and strong, filling the gap and blocking the way for the people of Gog and Magog.


 Interest from the story

Despite the power of Zulkarnain's rule and the wisdom God gave him, and the power and pride that did not dwell in his heart, he traveled the East and the West, and ruled the world with his just judgment and pride did not take him to sin, as it shows us that a good ruler can change for the better for his people and his people.

Despite the conquests that he opened, and his vast rule, his goal was not to collect money; rather, to call on God and lift injustice, and this is shown by his failure to exploit the people and groups that he was passing through and helping them. This is a story that should be preached by rulers, and those who have authority, whether in their work, at home, or whatever their authority is; kindness, mercy, and humility are the qualities of the great.

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