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story of camel ship of desert

story of the camel, the ship of the desert. We will also mention strange information about the camel and what are the benefits of the camel, the ship of the desert. We will also talk about phrases about the camel, the ship of the desert. All these topics you will find through our article.

The story of the camel, the ship of the desert

Once upon a time and in ancient times, there was a camel living in
The desert is in one of the countries, and this camel used to walk daily in the desert

He wanders here and here and enjoys his time a lot, and once while walking and wandering, he found a forest

-Beautiful green full of trees, roses, flowers and herbs, he liked it very much, and he decided

To live in it and leave the barren desert that is his original home and his great home,
And he liked that new environment in which he decided to stay for the rest of his life.

One day, a camel was walking in this forest, enjoying the scenery

Beautiful and beautiful smells around him he found an elephant, so he tried to get close to him to be

friendships, and he greeted him, but the elephant did not look at him and did not reply to him.

The camel said to him, “Why do you not respond to the greeting?” The elephant replied to him, saying, “Why are you?”

You came here and why are you wandering here because you are a stranger to us and your environment is not ours.

The camel grieved a lot and left him and kept walking in the forest, so he met a monkey as he walked
So he saluted him, but the monkey also did not reply to him,
And he said to him, You are a strange animal from the forest, what are you doing here and why did you come to us.

The camel kept trying again and again to get close to the animals, but to no avail.
All the animals were ignoring him and not talking to him, until he said to himself, “I am.”
Why don't I go back to my environment and friends, because no one loves me here, and indeed the camel has returned
He returned to his desert environment, remained in it and did not leave it after that.

Strange information about camels

1- He has strong and long legs that raise his body from the heat of the sand.

2- A camel can travel a distance of up to 40 miles per hour.

3-The camel has a very strong sense of hearing.

4- It has a medium-sized head with a rectangular shape, and it also has wide eyes with long and dense cilia.

5- The camel is known as the “ship of the desert” because it is able to walk in the desert sands.

6-Camel milk has very great health benefits and is even more beneficial than cow’s milk, and this is because it contains a lower percentage of fat than cow milk, and important nutrients for the human body, including iron, vitamins and minerals.

7-The camel has very strong and sharp teeth, lined on the inside so that it can chew dry thorns, plants and grass.

8- The camel's foot consists of two toes separated from each other, whereby when the camel touches the ground and sand, it is able to stand still and move easily in the sand and not get stuck in it.

The benefits of the camel ship of the desert

1- It contains less fat and therefore it is suitable for heart health.
2- It also contains a large proportion of antioxidants, and therefore it protects against cancer.
3- Camel meat contains a high percentage of protein compared to other types of livestock.
4-Helps get rid of constipation and treat hemorrhoids.
5- It is suitable to be included in diets because it contains a small percentage of fat.

Phrases about the camel, the ship of the desert

1- Pride in camels and camels, and courage in horses “Because camels have many qualities of honor, benefits and annihilation in travel, in peace and war, in adornment and splendor, and in numbers and equipment.

2- I am more loathsome than a raging camel, and more guided than a camel “because it is from the nature of a camel to be guided by its path.

3-Dood to camel dander “The dood of camels is between three and ten, and the meaning of the proverb is that if you combine a little with a little, it becomes a lot.

4- Behind the camel’s camel “The thal is on the foreskin and within it is the penis. It is known that the direction of the penis in the foreskin is contrary to the direction to which every animal is concerned, as this proverb is used for the person who always contradicts people.

5- Behind the urine of a camel: As the penis of a camel moves forward during insemination, and turns back when urinating, this proverb is used for the person who always disagrees with people

6- I have no she-camel in it or a camel: He hits the one who asks him to participate in something he does not care about, or when disavowing injustice and abuse.

7- Knock-knock randomly: This proverb is used for the person who does not have a clear path in his life, so he is represented by the random one, which is the she-camel with weak eyesight that cannot distinguish in front of it clearly.

8- It is lighter in weight than a camel.

9-They came on their own: “He will strike for those who all come, or not one of them is left behind.

10- Snug the camel: meaning it became a she-camel, striking at the strong one who humiliates

11- Your rope is on your tail: “And the stranger loves the hump and the neck, and the meaning of the proverb is to go wherever you want, because if the camel grazes on her tail, the tail is thrown at her, because if she sees the tail, nothing will congratulate her.