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Pharaoh story


pharaoh is a title that was given to the king of ancient Egypt, and the title of Khosrau was similarly called the king of the Persians, but the famous pharaoh and his well-known story is the one who was in the time of Moses, peace be upon him Therefore, it is not possible to mention the story of Pharaoh without mentioning our master Moses, peace be upon him, as God Almighty sent Moses, peace be upon him, to Pharaoh calling him to worship God alone.  And the sayings of the scholars.

Pharaoh enmity towards the children of Israel

Pharaoh owned Egypt, in which Shaban lived, the nation of the Copts, who were among them Pharaoh and in their hands the rule and the king of Egypt, and the nation of the Children of Israel, among whom was the Prophet of God Moses, peace be upon him, as they were humiliated and are slaves to Pharaoh and his people.

One night, Pharaoh saw in his dream that a fire came from the direction of Jerusalem, burning the houses of the Copts in Egypt, and this fire did not touch the Children of Israel The Children of Israel, at his hands will be the destruction of the king of Egypt, and he will take the king, then Pharaoh decided to kill every male child of the Children of Israel.

So Pharaoh continued to kill the sons of Israel, and sent soldiers and midwives to determine who was pregnant in the children of Israel, even if she gave birth, they came and killed the boy from the first day, and if it was a girl, they left her and did not touch her, and after a period of this terrible act, the Copts came to Pharaoh complaining about the lack of men in  Children of Israel, because children are killed and adults die, so they feared that there would be no men who would do hard and physical work in the Children of Israel, so Pharaoh issued a decree that children be killed in one year, and left in another.

Birth of Moses and Aaron peace be upon them

Aaron, the older brother of Moses, was born in the year of forgiveness and was not killed. As for Moses, peace be upon him, he was born in the year of the killing His mother feared for him that the soldiers of Pharaoh would come to kill him, so her Lord Almighty revealed to her that she should put him in a wooden coffin, and throw him in the river if she feared for him from  Pharaoh soldiers, she used to put him in this coffin and tie it with a rope and then throw it into the river, and if Pharaoh's men went she brought him back and nursed him and then threw him again in the river.

One day, the mother of Moses, peace be upon him, forgot to tie the coffin, so the river took the coffin in which Moses was carried and carried it to the banks of the house of Pharaoh She loved him, so Pharaoh saw him and ordered to kill him then his wife Asya said: Let us take him as the joy of the eye for you and me Pharaoh said: Yes to you, but to me no.

departure of Moses peace be upon him from Egypt

Musa, peace be upon him, grew up in the house of Pharaoh and became stronger, and on one day Moses, peace be upon him, saw two men fighting, one from the Children of Israel and the other from the Copts.So Moses, peace be upon him, wanted to prevent the Copt from harming the Israeli, so he pushed him with his hand, and it was said that he pricked him with a stick, and he did not want to kill him But the Coptic man died because of this nudge, and when the news reached Pharaoh, he ordered to bring Moses, peace be upon him, so a man came to tell Moses that the Copts wanted to kill him in revenge for what he had done with that Coptic, so Moses was afraid and went out of Egypt so that he would not be killed, so he reached Madyan for cover There and hide from the sight of the soldiers of Pharaoh.

marriage of Moses peace be upon him

And when he was in "Median" he saw two girls standing with their sheep near a well used for watering livestock, so he went to them and asked them: Why dont you water your livestock with the rest of the shepherds? He did not ask for a fee.

When the two daughters returned to their father, one of them said to her father: O father, hire him, for the best of those you hire is the strong and trustworthy, so their father called him and said to him: I will marry you one of my daughters, but on the condition that you serve me for eight years, and if you serve me ten, you will have the reward so Moses agreed and married the younger them, and she asked her father to hire him.

Revelation and divine commission

When the period that was agreed upon between Moses, peace be upon him, and the father of the two girls he took his family and money and wanted to return to his family in Egypt, and on the way to travel it was night time, so he noticed a fire from afar, so he kept his family in their place and went to that fire.

When Moses, peace be upon him, reached that fire, he heard a voice saying to him: (Indeed, I am your Lord, so take off your sandals, for you have folded in the Holy Valley) And Almighty alone has no partner just as God Almighty supported Moses with miracles, the first was with the stick that turns into a great and frightening snake with the power of God Almighty, and the second miracle was in his hand and he puts it in his pocket and if it comes out white without harm.

Here Moses, peace be upon him asked God for four things, the first that God expand his chest for him the second that he facilitate his affairs for him, and the third that he loosen the knot in his tongue As for the fourth, he sends his brother Aaron, peace be upon him with him a prophet to help him.

Moses call to Pharaoh

So Moses went to Pharaoh with his brother Aaron to invite him to worship God alone When they entered Pharaoh Moses, peace be upon him, told him that they were God’s messengers to him to call him to worship the One God the One the Creator the Sustainer He ordered him to let the Children of Israel go with them When Pharaoh heard their words, he said: If you  O Moses, a prophet from God, give us proof so that we may believe you So Moses threw his stick, and it was a visible snake, and he put his hand to his wing and took it out So, it was white without badness Then Pharaoh said to those around him: This is nothing but a sorcerer who wants to expel you from your land and corrupt the religion of your forefathers upon you And he ordered the sorcerers present in the land of Egypt to be gathered, and he said to Moses: Let us agree on a day when the fight will take place, so Moses, peace be upon him, chose the Day of Adornment, and this was a feast day in ancient Egypt.

fight against the sorcerers of Pharaoh

And that day came and the magicians and Moses and Aaron, peace be upon them, came, so Moses commanded the magicians to throw what is in your hands first Great, so I quickly caught up to everything that the sorcerers threw, and when the sorcerers saw this great scene, they were convinced that this was not sorcery, but a real divine miracle, so they prostrated to God and said “We believe in the Lord of the worlds, the Lord of Moses and Aaron” When Pharaoh saw what the sorcerers had done, he became angry and ordered to torture and kill them all.

torment of Pharaoh people

And the stubbornness of Pharaoh increased and he was not satisfied with sending the Children of Israel with Moses and Aaron peace be upon them, so God sent down on him and his people various types of torment, as He, Glory be to Him, sent on them lice, frogs and blood, and every time Pharaoh would say to Moses, peace be upon him: Pray to your Lord for us to remove this from us Torment and I will send the Children of Israel with you, but he would lie and break his promise every time, and he would even kill children and keep women alive to turn them away from worshiping God alone.

Pharaoh destruction

One day, Moses set out with his people to get out of Egypt, and Pharaoh and his soldiers followed them to stop them and kill them, and when Moses reached the banks of the sea, his people were afraid and said we were destroyed, because Pharaoh behind them wanted to eliminate them and the sea in front of them blocks their way Moses said, peace be upon him, with all faith: God is with me who will guide  And then God revealed to Moses to strike the sea with his stick, so when Moses did what God Almighty revealed to him, the sea splits and every group becomes like a great mountain and he set out with his people to the other bank until they reached it, and at that time Pharaoh was with his soldiers still passing between the two watery mountains And behold, these two mountains were applied to Pharaoh and his soldiers, and they were all drowned.